While Wearing Extensions (Weaves, Wigs etc.) For Afro Hair

Extensions are worn for many reasons, including but not limited to protective styling, increase in length, increase in volume, change in color, among others. The common concern that comes with wearing extensions. No matter what the reason is for wearing it, is protecting your own natural hair underneath the extensions. You do not want to lose your natural hair while wearing extensions. Here are some tips for caring for your natural hair while wearing extensions.

Creating a Hair Care Routine

Pick a day

The first step in the hair care routine is to pick a day in the week and dedicate at least 2-3 hours to your hair. It is important to set this time apart so that you have no outside events and you can focus on giving your hair all the needed TLC.

When Wearing Wigs: You have more access to your hair and if you can cornrow your hair on own that is a plus. It is ideal that you wash and treat your hair at least once every two weeks, braid your hair is cornrows after that and you ready to go.

When Wearing Weaves: You have little access to your natural hair when wearing weaves. You should be focus your time in between weaves. When you take out a weave let your hair breathe for couple of days before putting your next weave in. Your hair needs all the TLC it can get while it is out and free.

Products, Products, Products

There so many products on the market that it is difficult to know what works for you. It’s okay to try different products until you find what works for you. Some may call you a product junkie at the start of figuring your routine out but don’t worry when you find the products that work stick to them and make them staples in your routine.

Shampoo: Use shampoo sparingly. Shampoo is known to clean the hair of any dirt or residue left by other products, however shampoo also strips the hair and scalp of its natural oils. Use shampoo at most once a month for a deep clean or whenever your hair is extremely dirty (from going to the beach, getting mud in your hair, etc.). Choose a sulfate free shampoo. If you have any hair concerns, choose a shampoo that matches the hair concern, example shampoo for dry hair.


Conditioner: This is the most important part of a regimen. Conditioner puts moisture back into the hair. Moisture prevents breakage of the hair and allows your natural curl pattern to shine (for the natural ladies). Conditioner also contains a little amount of detergent so you can co-wash once or twice in two weeks. Co-washing involves washing the hair with just conditioner. A deep conditioner provides even more moisture for your hair. You can also select deep conditioners that match your hair car needs example itchy hair.


Leave-In Conditioner and others: These are products that you do not have to wash out of your hair. They also include certain styling products like mouse and hair polisher. It is important to have a good leave in conditioner and an oil to seal in the moisture before applying any hair styling products. This ensures that your hair is well conditioned before styling.


Hair Oils: It is also essential that you treat your scalp while wearing your extensions. Some may need it more than others. If you have dry flaky scalp try using antibacterial oils on your scalp example tea tree oil to help condition your scalp. Use a bottle with a nozzle and apply a little amount directly to your scalp. The nozzle will help you reach your scalp better without getting the oil on your extensions.


Instruments and Appliances

You will need combs, hair clips, hair dryer, flat iron, curler etc. You can start with the basics some combs and some hair clips the rest will fall into place. As you get your routine down packed you will know what is needed. If you decide to get a blow dryer, opt for one that has attachments example the comb attachment, this will make it easy to blow out your hair quickly and effectively.


Ready, Set, Go

Now you are ready to create your own regimen. Follow the template below to create TLC session for your hair.



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _’s Hair Care Routine


Every_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I will take time off and give my hair some TLC.

I will Shampoo my hair with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ every _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I will then conditioner my hair after shampooing with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I will co-wash my hair with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ every _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I will use _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ oil on my scalp.

I will then use _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on my hair as a leave in conditioner and seal it with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ oil.

I will then continue with my styling products.

I will condition my scalp with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ oil as needed while wearing my extensions.

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